Friday, July 15, 2011

Hemlock, day 5

Yesterday, the Hemlock gave me the day off. I have been having really hard time with the humidity and my gimpy lung, so knitting was not exactly a priority yesterday. I think I managed 3 rows, which at this size, is not bad. The downside? It's only 3 rows.
So since my last post, I've managed to knit an astounding (not really) 8 rows. But I feel like I should mention that at this point in the Hemlock, I am currently working 536 stitch rows. I also feel like I might have just done my last increase, and I have 4 rows of plain knitting and then a crochet bind-off. I'm not really sure though, I'll just have to see how my yarn ball is holding up four rows from now. It's handspun, so I can't get any more and I don't want to run out in the middle of my bind-off. I just hate to have a ton leftover, ya know?

Tomorrow is a rugby day, but not mine. As a White River groupie, it's my responsibility to go watch my man do his thing and sometimes bring muffins. Luckily, I'm not the only team knitter, so if I whip out a doily at half time, it's no biggie since these guys are used to it. If whipping a doily out at half time is the difference between a 6 day doily and a 7 day doily, you bet your batts I'm knitting.

Have a great day and hopefully my next post will look something like blocking!

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