Sunday, April 15, 2012

April's Autumn

Somehow I've ended up with 3 autumnally appropriate projects. I just finished my Bonfire socks (which are very autumnal and stripe-tastic), I'm working on a deep red doily/tablecloth (depends on how big it gets or how small of a table it goes on) and the other day during a particularly angry few hours, I started a Harvest Home cross stitching because I needed something to do to take my mind off something that was making me very very angry and it still making me very very angry. A few people know what it is, and we'll leave it at that.

I also have a couple non-autumn projects, but none I'm presently loving working on. In case you were wondering...

Here are the Bonfire socks. I finished them on Friday night when I was angry and not sleeping. I love them, and while I'm loving this warm spring weather, I wish we could have a really cold day so I have an excuse to wear them.
They were made by working stripes from 1 ball of Noro Kureyon Sock, working 4 rows off one end of the ball and then 4 rows off the other end, rinsing and repeating.
I had to break the yarn a couple times when the colors were getting too close and I couldn't tell I was striping. I probably should have broken up the colors on the foot of the right sock a little more, but I was lazy and wanted to get it done and move on to the next project.
Here is the next clue to the mystery doily! Here it is after 30-something rows. If you guess what it is, you'll get a prize. If nobody guesses, then I'll be slightly offended that nobody is (a) reading anymore or (b) nobody wants anything that I'm making for a giveaway. Not really. But if you think you know what the pattern is, leave a comment and you might just get a really cute set of stitch markers or buttons or something like that! I really want someone to guess so I can start putting current pictures up- I just finished row 94 and I feel like I'm kicking butt!
And here's the start to the Harvest Home cross stitching. It came in a set, so I'm probably going to run out of thread because I'm using 3 plies of cotton instead of 2. I just don't like the way 2 plies looks- I want bold, thick stitches that look like I intentionally put them there, not like I brushed it on gently as an afterthought. Maybe I'm putting too much thought in to this.
And....a little terrarium that I'm starting out of some air orchids and ferns that I stole from my parents' house in Sarasota.


Alicia said...

Fantastic socks! Okay I'll come out of lurking and make a guess: Hemlock Ring.

Paige Darling said...

It's not a Hemlock Ring, but that's not a bad guess! Keep checking and if it starts looking like something you know, guess again! And thanks- I love the socks too.