Friday, April 27, 2012

Loss of Momentum

I've kind of lost momentum on a few of my personal projects as I slug through the necessary preparations of starting one's own business.  Plus I really only knit/crochet when I'm watching TV, and there's only a couple shows that I actually sit down and watch, which means it's been slow going.  I've also hit a point on my lace project (if you know what it is, leave your guess below!) where I not only have a skabillion stitches per round, but the pattern is like- hey, there's 56 cables every other row for 38 rows!  Oh snap- that's a lace weight cable!  I'm less than enthused to return to my lace project.  But here's the latest picture-hint for you... I think I'll give the answer next post (in a few days) whether there's been a correct guess or not. Just a heads up! 
I've also been hitting the leftover afghan pretty hard during those TV shows- but I'm down to 1 ball of white yarn left that I've been attaching the circles with.  I've asked for more for my birthday, but that's still a month away.  Plenty of time to finish up more little circles so that when the white yarn comes I'll have plenty to work with.  Here it was the other day at 12 x 14, and here it is presently at almost 14 x 14.  I try to make 2 or 3 little circles a day so that I have options when I'm attaching them in groups of 4.  I'm thinking (and this could change a thousand times between now and then) that it is done at 16 x 18, or maybe 18 x 20.  I'd also like to do a border, which will only add an inch or two but give it a nice finished look.

And blankets.  I made one out of some fluffy acrylic leftovers from last year's Craft Fair that wasn't.  I had to buy two more hanks to make it a decent size.  I had started it with Project Linus in mind, but a friend was asking if she could buy it off me.  So she might take it, and then I'll donate one of the stashed baby blankets to Project Linus- it's been a while since I made a donation.

I also bit the bullet and bought 3 more balls of Encore Worsted so I can finish a baby blanket that has been on the hook since late last year.  I hit the black hole point around inch 4, and I can crochet on it until I'm blue in the face but never seem to make any progress.  I lucked out and found a lady who wanted to sell 3 on Ravelry and haggled a bit until it was cheaper to buy her's than to go to the LYS to buy more.  That and I have no self control, and walking in to my LYS for $25 of baby yarn normally means deciding the baby blanket can wait and that I actually need more lace weight and 4 hanks of sock yarn.  So I Raveled.
And that's what I'm up to...craft wise.  I've got a few other things coming up though...

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deb said...

your afghan is so pretty. Just love the colors and the way you have joined them