Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter and a sunburn

Well....the vacation knitting bag was barely touched, but I am very glad (and a little bit sad) to say that I'm finally finished with the Harry Potter series. I must have bawled my eyes out at least 6 or 7 times in the last hundred pages.

Now on to the knitting segment of the knitting blog. I only finished two things on the entire trip, one of them being a set of washrags that are all mostly pink, the other being a black wool purse that I threw in the wash to be felted within n hour of returning home. The bag shrunk way more than I wanted it to, and I am now debating....child purse? set of coasters? hide it before anyone sees it? enlarging charms? I give up. Please leave suggestions on what to do with failed felting projects. On that note, here are the washrags. I used the same pink yarn ball for the "brick" parts of the rags, and a different varigated cotton for the the base yarns. Can you say "stash clearing?"

I also did a small bit of crocheting (top was not cooperating)...I did take the white baby yarn and finished the yarn ball, which turned out to be almost a 2'x2' square, which is a great start! There is a girl at my work who is pregnant and she may be the recipient of this particular baby blanket...I have so much time in each of them, I prefer to give them away so I know where they are going. I know I could never possibly get my money's worth out of selling them to perfect strangers, so I prefer to just give them away. I crochet 3'x3' granny squares in a solid color and do a ruffled edge in a different or multi-colored yarn. They take a good long time, but they're worth it.

And quite possibly the biggest news yet! I have a tan. It's probably the first one in ten years, and I'm so proud of it. I'm showing it off as much as I possibly can before it peels away...

See you onThursday, Mad knitters, and to the rest of you, have a lovely day!

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