Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another wonderful day

Well....I'm very pleased to say that MG Tates at the Fashion mall has asked me to make 2 of every style of hat that I make...and they will be sold there for $14.95. I couldn't be happier.
I also met with Janet of eighteenstitches for a little math help, which was not nearly as painful as it normally is. We concluded the session with a trip to Mass Avenue Knit Shop...and I was *almost* responsible. I bought 3 different kinds of yarns, two for socks and one for a felted bag... I'm madly in love with my star yarn! Here is a picture from my stash enriching experience. I also finished a hat on the way home (Janet drove). Then, I casted on another one for the Keystone store and worked on that on the boat tonight...Toffee went too, but she didn't knit anything.

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