Monday, July 30, 2007

Wonderful Day

Today was all and all wonderful in almost every way. Saw several friends at work today (I work at Micheals, and one of the advantages of hanging out with crafty people is that I see them at my work every so often.) Speaking of which, I teach my first classes on Saturday, I believe its four hours of kids club which is so exciting! Maybe my teaching job is closer than I think!
Another wonderful thing about today....I met my Aunts and my Grandma for lunch today at the Cheesecake Factory.....mmmm....and then browsed around the mall. After buying my brother is J. Crew birthday present, I was bumming around in MG Tates, which is one of my favourite stores because it's so artsy, thought, "what the hell" and told the lady working there that I knit and think my products would sell well in the store. That employee turned out to be the owner, and she wants me to come back tomorrow with my stuff! I've been trying to get my stuff into Keystone for years! I'm so pumped for tomorrow. So, I have a few of my hats ready to make the trip!
I've also started the baby kimono (Elphaba, my Jeep had an appointment today, allowing for an hour of uninhibited knitting time) from Mason Dixon Knitting to give to Emily, the girl at work who is having a girl. I've bought some very fun green and purple grosgrain ribbon to tie up the sides with...a little untraditional but I think she'll like it. I also plan on making her a hat, all depends on how much time I have to make hats before taking a load to Tates or (fingers crossed) Holiday Mart. A little birdy told me I was in today but still have not heard official word.

Another funny thing....yesterday my Grandma came over to drop some stuff off and saw my Ballband dishrags laying on the counter (see hot pink and lime green rags from last post) picked one up and said..."That's...(insult least offensive adjective here)....interesting." Great...she said the same thing when I died my hair purple. She hates them. Then? Surprising part? She then said..."Can I have one?" Uh....okay. I asked if she'd rather have something that wasn't magenta and I bought some more dishrag cotton that was a little more fitting for my Grandma and cast on yet another project. That brings the count up to 19. I can't decide if that's a sign of O.C.D. or just boredom. One last wonderful thing for army guy sent me a naughty little note on facebook! It's a good day!

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