Friday, January 11, 2008

FO, Gilbert Grape and Purl the Fish

Okay...I've just finished updating Ravelry because I got a camera for Christmas...and that means I can actually put up pictures whenever I want to.

I have an FO. A lace FO. Blocked and everything. It's a leaf pattern with pink silk yarn and I LOVE IT!!!!! I would marry it if it were a boy scarf. Here's a couple of the pictures I took (Note the mad scarfography skills...not really)I also started another project (I know I know...project junkie) but I swear it's not for me! It's for the same cousin...lucky girl. I've made more things for her this year than I have myself...thank goodness it's only January though. So here it is...the purple cascade entrelac scarf that I have named Gilbert Grape. (I was curious as to how I would creatively come up with a name including my love of purple wool, knitting and Johnny Depp....that works, right? I just need to come up with a pair of Edward Scissorhands socks to go with the Sweeny Shawl I haven't made yet....) If any of you were wondering, the beautiful model of a goldfish is Purl.

So that's all for now...except one minor thing... I MADE THE DANCE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!
Okay..back to my history. Have a lovely day!

(Don't forget to go favorite the scarf on ravelry...jk. You can if you want to, I won't stop you at all)

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