Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm back!

Hey Everyone! Today was wonderful....I started it off with remnants of a hangover (which doesn't sound all that great but it got better) went to Scholar's Inn and met up with some other knitters and had a lovely time. My friend was knitting the most beautiful entrelac scarf...her squares were much smaller than mine so best of luck finishing it. It was really beautiful though. Can't wait to see finished pictures.

Speaking of finished....I have pictures for you today! In the past month and a half, I have finished 2 lace shawls, 2 sweaters (then frogged one of them to put it out of it's hideous green misery) several hats and a couple more scarves (which my mum snagged while I was still weaving in ends. You'd think 2 lace shawls would be enough for her....

So what all does it mean? My project count is at a record low, 8 wips. I want to get down to 3 or 4 before I cast anything else on, but that doesn't mean I don't have my next 8 project lined up (already in thier own bags with yarn, needles and laminated patterns, mind you.)

I also hit up the day after Christmas sales with knit-buddy Janet and bought far too many things...but they were on sale so they don't really count, do they? Oh well. Next projects in line-up. 1. Purple entrelac scarf for cousin Ambra. She picked a SOLID color for an entrelac scarf. Is she crazy? That practically defeats the purpose of entrelac. I might as well knit it in garter stitch, she might not know the difference. 2. Glascow lace sweater from IK. I'll do that in Periwinkle...because I really just don't have that much periwinkle. Every girl should have a ridiculously lacey periwinkle sweater. It's like some unwritten rule (I may have to make that a ravelry group). 3. Some other sweater that I haven't decided on yet. But it will be a hoodie.

I also want to fit in a pair of pink socks to give to my mummy for Valentine's day. I have a lovely shade of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby that I got on sale a while ago. I just have to finish my Tofutsies socks first. (Pictures later...I promise)
I also saw Sweeny Todd today. I do love Johnny Depp. He's my baby's daddy after all. Well...maybe someday. Those would be some very strange, pale children though. I can see it now...Edward Knitting-needle-hands. I love it. But yes....Sweeny Todd was good. It just makes me glad I'm a vegetarian.

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