Monday, January 28, 2008

My parents went to Key West

And brought me back yarn! I have finally trained them! (Now we just have to see if it's enough for a whole project...I could care less about it's possible novelty-ness).
So that's good. And I woke up today before my alarm clock, which is also good. So I got ready and headed to campus early to ship out THE FINISHED GILBERT GRAPE SCARF. gets better. Got there, shipped it, got to class early and the TA handed out papers. This is a math class....normally the handing back of the papers is enough to make me run away and hide under a desk. You know what? Perfect scores on everything except for one quiz, but I got an 80 on that. So, 9:30 a.m. and this day friggin rocks. Got to my next class, Jane Austen 411. Had relevant input. Awesome again. Got to my next class- Forestry and Natural Wildlife. I got a score of 120% on last week's quiz. Not a typo, just my awesomeness. Went to dance (which is my choreography class where my teacher and I have very different views on what is good choreography and normally means my artistic ego is shattered). AND SHE LIKED MY DANCE! She LOVED it! She normally hates them! Woohooo for Paige and her crazy jumps and turns!

Then went to Stitch and Bitch for an hour or so...I have brought the Sherbert Scarf out of hibernation so I can add one more ball of SWS and call it quits. Hopefully I will finish it least that would be nice. I'm sick of entrelac.

Got home and there was a score in my inbox for a speech I gave last week. 91%. Considering how I was feeling that day and how little time I put into it, I will take that 91%. It's still an A.

On a sadder note that leads into a happy one, I had myself a Heath Ledger Movie Weekend...because I miss him and will now have to find someone else to have my babies. But, while watching/crying, I managed to get really far in the Colbert Report Blanket (I'm sure Stephen won't mind if I work on his blanket while I watch Heath again) and have just one round left and then a border. I'm so excited...I've been working on this for probably about 2 years now and am hours away from finishing. Woot! Here's a pic for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Anonymous said...

woo dance and woo math....Paige Sylvester is the best, hottest, coolest, hippest, raddest, most amazingest math dancer chick of all time.