Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quick little update

I thought I'd give you guys a quick little update on my life since I moved back ot Purdue for the Spring semester.

Firstly, I haven't touched yarn and needles since I got back. Seriously, I'm that busy.

Secondly, I have spent the last three days at auditions and callbacks for Purdue Dance Company. I find out tomorrow if I got in or not. I am not overly excited about joining, but you need to be in for at least one semester to get your dance minor. After auditions, I have bruises and scrapes from my hips to my knees. It's really quite lovely. NOT! Oh well...I will suck it up for the semester (But I have to make it in first....minor detail).

Thirdly, all knitting/reading/work-out time has been consumed with finishing an online course. I'd really like to have it done by Valentine's Day, but it MUST be done by St. Patrick's day to get credit for it. So, dear readers, if you see me blogging more than usual/facebooking/ravelry-ing, please send me a message that says something along the lines of "GET BACK TO AMERICAN HISTORY!!!"

Lastly, I want everyone to know that I spent the record-lowest amount of money on books this semester at just about $200. Last semester it was more like $900. Not kidding. It sucked big time.

Have a nice day and hopefully a little knitting content will follow this blog.


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