Sunday, February 3, 2008

Broke my promise

I started another project. Okay...I started three...but I've already finished two of them. They were little (a hat and a small knitted later).

The third is a valentine's day present for my I can't post any pictures until a) Valentine's day or b) they are finished and received in the mail by her. Hopefully nobody is going around and stealing parcels of hand knitted gifts in her neighborhood (hint #1).

I've put about 2.5 hours of work in it already (had to watch Sense and Sensibility for my Jane Austen class) and it's almost at a turning point (hint #2).

Keep checking for more hints until Valentine's day, or spoil the surprise and check Ravelry. Pictures aren't up there either, but I am in dire need of a photo-session for all things knitted.

Also, I rented Stardust last night (very cute, very very girly. Loved Robert DeNiro in it as the gay pirate) and am now thrilled to say that the Sprinkles shirt has sleeves!!! While they are just short sleeves, they are still sleeves, and since the sleeves are done, this means the rest of the sweater will most likely be completed very soon (after V-day surprise and Colbert Report Blanket, before Last Chance socks and Tomboy sweater. Way before anything else)

That's all for now. Wish I could make it to all the anti-Superbowl and pro-Superbowl knit-ins....but I have a math exam tomorrow that needs studied for.

Happy knitting to all and to all a tolerable superbowl.

You're going down, Brady.

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