Saturday, February 16, 2008

V-Day and SEX in Chicago

As all of you know, Valentine's Day was a couple days ago...and my single self just didn't feel like posting. I did get some lovely flowers however. The note said they were from a "Secret Admirer" which typically means my dad knew I wouldn't be getting flowers from anyone else, so he sent them. Apprently, he told my mum that he had done this and she made him call and make sure that I knew that there was no secret admirer, it was from my dad. Since my dad had called two days before asking for my address, I was fairly sure I would be getting V-day flowers from him, so no surprise. It cracks me up that my mum told my dad it was mean of him to send me flowers from "a secret admirer" when there is no such person. Ouch. Now that the story is over, I should at least say the flowers are beautiful, thanks "Secret Admirer".
So, instead of being a good student and attending all of my favorite classes on friday (math, science, etc) I went up to Chicago with my parents for some much needed ShopTherapy. My dad had a meeting or something so my mum and I spent entirely too long in Philene's Basement (a glorified TJ Maxx) and not nearly long enough in We'll Keep You in guessed it! A yarn store! (I'm sure she would say we spent too long in there but that's really why I agreed to go to Chicago...because I really hate Philene's Basement) I did spend a little too much money on a Stash Enriching eXpedition (the only kind of SEX I'm getting, and it was pretty damn good)

I bought my next pair of socks (ONline Supersocke 100 in colorway Holiday) and my next knitted T-shirt (new favorite thing to knit btw, will be royal blue in the beautiful and over-priced Zara) and my mum bought herself a future tank top (Spring break project more than likely) and it will be made out of Stacy Charles Posh, which the picture does not do justice.
On the way home I knitted on the Skittles: Knit the Rainbow tee and cast off the last stitch as my dad pulled into the parking lot to drop me off. I haven't got any good pictures yet...but I did get lots and lots of terrible ones that the world will never see. My friend is coming over later and I'm sure he'll help me out with sweater pictures so you guys can actually have a decent picture of it.

Okay then....I am off to do a shitload of homework so I can feel slightly better about skipping math yesterday.

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