Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Turtles and OCO (Obsessive Casting On) Cardigans

I don't get asked to knit on group projects very often because I have a super-weird gauge (or maybe I smell, I don't know) so when Mandie asked me on Tuesday night to knit a shell for a group-effort turtle for Peg's birthday, I said YES! It didn't hit me until a few minutes later that my 2 messed up fingers and I had less than 48 hours to make it. Which is fine...if you plan on knitting a turtle shell for 2 days straight. But I'm glad to say that 30 minutes before my knit-night, I finished the shell. Janet made Sheldon the nekked turtle (turtle-butt!) and Francie made him a Colts shell. I went for the other end of things and made a hot pink and glittery shell, because our dear Sheldon might be a Shelley. It's so hard to tell on turtles. I also made a card with a sheep on it and I even got all creative (I always feel inspired after watching Martha Stewart) and glued some roving onto the sheep drawing. I kinda liked how it turned out...

I've also been a little crazy with the cast-ons since I've been home. I do this every time I come home from school, I get overwhelmed and excited by all the stash that's been chilling in my stash-room and I decide to play with it all. At the same time. I started with the acrylic. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've become a bit of a fiber-snob over the past few years and the acrylic has been slowing collecting a layer of dust while I reach for wool and alpaca over plastic yarn that squeaks when you knit it *shudders*. But I grabbed it and went for it, and have made 2 baby blankets for Project Linus so far, and am getting close on another 2. Since I was feeling all morally warm and fuzzy after dropping the first 2 off with Francie, I had to do another good deed and buy some green Purewool laceweight from "other Janet" who likes green nearly as much as I do. I tried to photograph it, it's just a really tricky color. It's a babypoop/acid green, but it's a good green (I know I didn't paint a good image for you) so we'll call it "Fern".
Since 4 Project Linus cast-ons weren't enough, I casted on 2 more cardigans, because I totally don't have enough projects going on right now. (In my defense I did finish a pair of hibernating socks last night, I just haven't grafted the toe together on the second one. Pics eventually) and now I've got 2 more cardi's going. One is a sport weight brown alpaca version of Mel Clark's Rowena Cardigan and the other is a top-down raglan that I'm improvising in Rowan Colourscape (I know. I'm a Rowan-ho.) I took pics of both, but I haven't made it far in either yet. I might just go all-out on the Rowan one since it's bulky, and will take all of a week to finish (I bet you anything I've just jinxed myself. Now I'll never finish it!)
But yeah...that's about it. Birthday turtles and OCO Cardigans. How's YOUR knitting going?

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Craftyfox said...

mmm, pink,purple.I love your Rowan Colourscape!