Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just when you think I'm boring and predictable...

I do something crazy and ditch SnB to go to a Reggae concert in London after a last-minute invitation. My friend (and jam-night buddy) Adam said he was going to see a Beatles tribute band in London, do I want to go? Yes! He didn't tell me that they also did Pink Floyd and Radiohead (meh) but the Beatles songs were awesome in Reggae-style! They only really did stuff from Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but it was good. Loved Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Even though it's not on that album, I was really hoping to hear I am the Walrus, but didn't. The concert was great, the people behind us were smoking up a storm and we both had the munchies realllllly bad afterwards. We had to stop and get fish and chips. And then we had to stop and get a curry. And then a sandwich, and then I ate again when I got home.
I was going to go to London earlier that day to do some shopping for my little bro's graduation present and my aunt's wedding shawl, but I checked the weather and it was supposed to be cold and rainy, so I just went with Adam on the train. Just after the second or third stop, someone grew violently ill on the train in a different car, and they had workers running through the cars yelling "Is anyone here a doctor?". They kept running through yelling that, and after about 30 minutes of standing still while this person was really sick and everyone was stuck on the train between stops, Adam and I said that if they run through one more time, we'd announce that we were both doctors. We then decided to be the worst possible doctors in a situation like this, just for the hell of it. We're missing the start of the concert by this point, so why not have a little fun? He decided he was going to introduce himself as a radiologist and I was going to be an orthodontist. We would ask totally irrelevant questions such as, "before you were violently ill, did you happen to have a series of x-rays that you happen to have with you?" or "have you sought after treatment for your TMJ?" Luckily, the train started moving and we went to the next station where the person was met by paramedics and the rest of us moved to a different train so that car could be cleaned. Nothing like a little swine flu to get everyone a little paranoid, eh?
That's about it, really. No knitting to report, nothing overly new and exciting...just....tired from last night. But had a brilliant time at a Reggae concert in London, which was something I thought I'd never do. I'm really glad I did, though.

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Anonymous said...

The concert looks like fun. Seems to me that you have packed in quite a bit of fun in the last month by the viewing your photos. That is a wonderful photo of me.. Poncho Libre