Sunday, October 3, 2010

The List

Where has the summer gone? I swear I was just saying how I'm going to spend more time outside this summer, and then I looked up and a leaf fell down and poked me in the eye. I had hoped to be a lot further in my 10 Shawls of 2010 by now, and I had hoped to be doing more things that I love, like signing up for dance and creativewriting classes. Now I just work, go home, sleep, work, go home, sleep and knit sometimes on Thursday nights. It's pretty pathetic. The only things that are out of the ordinary are things that I kinda wish weren't there. For example, today I got a notice from traffic court that my driver's license will be suspended if I don't appear in court on the 17th about an "unposted violation". It took me a minute to figure out what could have happened but I'm pretty sure it's something along the lines of this: I got rear-ended in early May. My insurance company wouldn't do anything until late June, when I dropped my car off and got a rental car from Enterprise. They've screwed me over 3 times now, so I'm calling them out on it- I don't normally name-drop when I'm angry. I got pulled over in my rental car because the plates were expired. I got a ticket in my rental car because the plates were expired. The cop told me that I need to give the ticket to Enterprise and they would deal with it. I gave the ticket to Enterprise and they said they'd deal with it. I called Enterprise a week after I gave them the ticket to make sure they had dealt with it and they promised that they had.

But of course, they didn't. And now I have to go to court because some stupid rental car company can't keep their plates current and then when people get tickets because their plates aren't current, they don't take care of it. I paid enough or the rental car, I shouldn't have to deal with their mistakes.

There. I feel better now. I think. So...knitting.

I went to The Feast of the Hunter's Moon with my bff Ben. There were lots of spinning wheels, Yoyageurs, Scots, and a nearly nekked Indian. I meant to take hundreds of pictures but only took one. And only because she had the best long-draw I've ever seen. I also bought a little sheep and took her picture on my kitchen table. But she's from the Feast, and I think she's really cute!
I finished a chemo cap for my mom's friend D. I'm not going to post it to Ravelry since I didn't get any decent pictures, but D called the day after I left it at her house and told me she loved it. She kept calling it "stunning". Well worth the cabling. This is#2, and I plan on starting #3 when I finish my Haruni, which could be tonight or three weeks from now. My mojo is a little off again.
I made a list of all of the craft projects I would like to finish before Christmas, or at latest before New Years. Not that I expect you to decipher my scrawl, but here is a picture of the list that shall taunt me until every project is done. I really think I've made it realistic- I have a few projects that I haven't started yet for when I catch myself at a weak moment and need a fix-me-up cast on, and there are projects that need a few hours to finish and there are projects that need a few weeks to finish. The important thing is that there's quite a variety of projects, so it might be doable. I'm feeling a lot better about my abundance of UFO's since I made the list. Naturally, there are quite a few projects that aren't on the list, but I'm just not worried about them right now.
And to finish: a sock, some handspun shetland, and a Christmas cactus from Ben's mom, who I finally met and she's totally awesome. And she might just be a bigger "plant enthusiast" than me. And her house is this awesome old farmhouse that she and Ben are fixing up and it is soooo cute. I kind of just want to move in. Right now.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

What are you knitting D's chemo caps out of?

Paige Darling said...

The first chemo cap (purple cabley one) was made out of Alpaca With A Twist Socrates held doubled so it acted like a worsted and this one was made out of Berroco Pure Merino- it was about twice as much money and had tons of knots in it. Not impressed.