Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Day, Good Socks

Today was awesome. Why, you ask? Well every part of it just kicked butt.

1. Tubby Custard and Madeline waited until 9:30 before they decided they would die if not fed immediately. They have the ability to sense the days on which I plan on sleeping in and then decide they are hungry anywhere from 5:20-8 am. 9:30 is pretty awesome. Plus Madeline's frequent tooth-brushings seem to be helping with the gingivitis and her morning kisses aren't so bad any more.

2. I got to go to my new Sunday knitting group. I'd call it an SnB, but the B part isn't really there. Everyone is just so happy! Yay for positive energy! My new friend Kim wasn't there today though because she was busy getting married, so that's entirely excusable. New friends Jasmine, Susan, Jessica and Meghann were there though, and it was fabulous. Francie, if you're reading this, we missed you today and that sinus thing must end so you can come back. Anyhoo, M is doing this 30 by 30 thing and one of her things she wants to do by her 30th birthday is learn a new language. Jessica and I kind of maybe pushed her in to French because we both speak it and I thought it would be funny if we began speaking to her in outrageous french accents the whole time, starting with my personal favorite, Julia Child. I should have worn my pearls today. The french thing lasted about 30 seconds and we got to stitchin'.

3. I finished socks. They are awesome. And they are totally not selfish. See number 6.
4. I went out to my G-ma Darling's house. On the way there, a chicken crossed the road in front of me. Pretty awesome. Still have no idea why she did it though.

5. G-ma food is the best. I even got to bring some home.

6. I gave my newly finished socks to G-ma. I think she likes them. I told her to wear them until she wears them out and I'd happily make her a new pair. My biggest peeve with knitting people things is when they don't wear them. If I didn't want my knits used, I'd make another shawl because I love to make them but rarely find large beaded lace shawls situation-appropriate.

7. Saw Madeline kick Spot's butt. Spot is the evil cat next door who beats up on my kitties. Tubby Custard has had to go to the vet several times from nasty bites from him that have gotten infected, so I think it's kind of hilarious that Madeline can beat him up. Here's Madeline struttin' her stuff and then Spot hiding in shame.
That's about it...I'm going to finish cleaning up the kitchen from my attempts at resin-casting today and then I'm off to bed with my fabulous book. Toodles!


laurie said...

Well that Madeline is sure growing up. so cute she's sticking up for her sister and kicking the evil cat's butt,that's luvVVVVV.
Nice socks, Nice day.

francie said...

I am finally feeling better and should make tonight's group!! Yeah!!