Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look! A hat!

Hey look- I finished a hat! I was *almost* even monogamous with the hat- I cheated a little with the pumpkin shawl which I had hoped to have done by now (carving pumpkins with Frank tomorrow).
It's the third chemo cap I've made for my Mom's friend D, and I took it over to her after I wove in the ends and plopped it off the plate on which it was blocking. She seemed to really like it- it's totally her colors and it's all autumn-y and it's not like anything else I or other people have given her. To re-cap it is Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in the Moondance colorway, pattern is One Day Beret (it's all on Ravelry if you need more info). I kind of love it and wish I were bold enough to wear berets because I totally want one.

And I spun yarn! My wheel has been a little under the weather and is having balance issues and subsequent squeaking and weight distribution problems, which throws the wheel all over the place as I'm spinning. So I spun like crazy to get this beast done and plied so I could take my wheel to see my G-pa, who figured out the problem immediately. Anyhoo, here's some new handspun! I love it, but I have no idea why there's so little of it. Everyone says you need 4 ounces to spin sock yarn, and this is 4 ounces, and it's fingering (maybe a little on the heavy side of fingering, but still totally sock yarn) but there's only 190 yards of it! I counted 3 times to make sure! I have no idea where my wheel puts all this extra fiber- maybe the nargles are taking it when I'm asleep?
And my annoying cat-lady story (people who aren't fans of M can click away now, I won't mind).

Madeline and I have little nightly rituals: make dinner for cats, make dinner for me, knit and watch a little TV, shower and get attacked once I step out of the shower, and after some more dilly-dallying around, go to bed and watch Letterman and play fetch until one of us falls asleep. Yes, she plays fetch. And she's really good at it. She normally brings me one of her favorite toys and we play fetch with that like Lavender Mouse or Woollyball, and she can retrieve for hours. But last night she took a little longer to get the game going and when she jumped up on my bed and did her little chirp (she doesn't meow) she had a something new in her mouth.

She brought a little bottle of lotion to bed. I didn't know if she wanted me to throw it or moisturize. Goofy cat. At least it wasn't as gross as the time she brought a frozen shrimp to bed. That was nasty.


janet said...

My first sock yarn wasn't near long enough either. But I bet you're close! I think I have more of that fiber - is it the soysilk blend from the Abby class?

(Glad your wheel's feeling better!)

Paige Darling said...

It's not the soysilk blend- but it does look like that! It's Frabjous fibers merino top from Trading Post...and I'm totally okay with it not being enough for a sock. It's still pretty!