Monday, October 11, 2010

Old Friends

Fall is here and I'm running outside chasing Madeline in the crunchy leaves. It's not really chasing, she plops down on the ground and acts like she wants petted, and as soon as you get close at all, she pops up sprints a few feet and rinses/repeats. The colors are absolutely beautiful and despite the telltale signs that winter is coming, the summer temperatures are hanging in there. Seriously- it's October and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. It's hot. I'm loving it.The colors of the leaves are making me a little jealous- and I'm craving a bulky cabled sweater in the deep reds that are scattered all over the backyard. I'm sticking to The List though- and there's not a single red cabled sweater on it. It does offer a little flexibility which I have found most helpful, while it has a selection of things that should really be finished by 2011, there is no set order and there's even room for a couple cast-ons, one of which happened yesterday.
I re-casted on my silk shawl that I started in May and goofed up in July and then made my mother frog in August. The pattern is Photosynthesis and I am using the same yarn and needles as last time (it's still in my Ravelry notebook if you'd like more info) but this time I'm adding beads that I picked up at the Bead Angel in Broadripple. It's kinda wonderful there. It's a pretty simple and straightforward lace pattern, at least for the bulk of the shawl. I still had it hammered in to my brain from this Summer and casting on again was a little like visiting an old friend; familiar but not boring. Plus I kind of missed my hand-painted green silk. And for those keeping count, this is the third green beaded shawl in a row. Are we maybe sensing a theme here? :p

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of my favorite fall maple tree.. Always the prettiest leaves in the area.

Miss Madeline looks nice in fall colors too..