Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back from the Show!

Wow it's been a crazy week. TNNA was last weekend, and while parts of it are quite fun, I'm really glad it's over. It's a very tense week leading up to TNNA with last minute-prep and I could do without the spotlight feeling that I have the whole time I'm there. That being said, I knitted a lot, cross stitched a lot, drank a little, ate A LOT and had a good time. I even came home with a souvenir and there should be more souvenirs coming in the mail in a few weeks.

My first little prize is from "Moving Mud", this new little artist that I saw at the show. It's a shawl pin- isn't it fun? I feel like I need a bright pink or blue shawl to wear with it! I just love it- so unique!
And I ordered some goodies from Lantern Moon again, but they're not here yet. They're all sheep- surprise!

I did do quite a bit of knitting and even took down a good chunk of Bam's cross-stitch pirate, finishing it up on Tuesday night and framing it yesterday. I think it turned out really well, but a pro cross-sticher reading this might disagree. Oh well, it's going in a man-cave, so it's good enough for me.
And lastly, I'm trying my best to take out a few more projects before my Vegas trip at the start of July, including the lace beast, Queen Anne's Lace. I flubbed up pretty bad at row 138/160 so I'm just going with it and making it a design feature. I threw out the pattern and am finishing it the way I want to finish it. Stay tuned- this could end badly.
*** my 300th post is coming up and I'll be doing a little give-away, so stay tuned! I'm also open to suggestions for a comment topic for people wanting to get the prize. Let me know!

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