Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The incredible depth of Orange

The project finishing spree continues, and I have finishedone work-knitting project and hit the halfway point in a work-beading project (that I have been *working on* since February but we all know how I *work* on things). No pictures of those yet, but we'll get there.

The end is in sight for a current cross-stitch project and a request has been made for the next cross-stitch project: Bam Bam would like a pirate cross-stitching to hang on the wall at his place. Those who know me personally may remember the Pirate-Paige phase where I ate, drank and slept pirates. I still want a skull and crossbones tattoo, but instead of proper crossbones they would be knitting needles. And now I'm rambling- Bam Bam asked for a pirate cross stitching, I said yes, and now I really want to finish my current project so that it doesn't get lost to Davy Jones' locker again for five more years.
And finally, the incredible depth of orange. This is one of my fastest spinning projects to date and I'm madly in love with this heathered orange merino. I picked up a grab-bag at Fiberworks in Beaver Creek Ohio last May because this obscene orange merino called out to me from a dark corner. We guessed it to be about 4 ounces and I paid the woman and was on my way. Anyhoo, finally spinning it and it's going insanely fast. Like 1 episode of Treme and half of Game of Thrones and my bobbin is full of singles. So I'll stop rambling and just show you my pretty orange in order of it's creation. I've still got about an ounce that wouldn't fit on the bobbin, so I'll try to tackle that tonight during Letterman. So here we go, my beautifully heathered orange.

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Heather L. said...

Hi Paige! It was fun to meet you in person at the TNNA!! Hope you both arrived home safely and not too worn out!