Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Scarf Liberation

Since I'm still on this crazy finishing-spree, I decided to dig up a little project I've been dreading for a while. Like, 8 years-while. I started a red scarf for my very first boyfriend out of rather nasty acrylic yarn on size 6 needles in 1x1 rib because I'm crazy like that. I worked on it every night for the entire two weeks we dated, and after the very juvenile Instant-message breakup I threw the partial scarf in a see-through drawer in my craft room where it has sat, catching my eye ever since, reminding me that it is, in fact, my oldest and probably easiest WIP. So since I'm finishing things I figured the best project to finish next would be this scarf so that I never had to see it again and so that something positive could come out of that little container that was collecting dust and various craft supplies. And it took me two days of knitpurlknitpurlknitpurl but dangit, that scarf is done. So there you have it.
And just to make it a little bit better of a finally-finished-project, it is going to the FCS Red Scarf Project, a charity that collects scarves as part of a winter care-package for orphans.

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