Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cross-stitching in my sleep

I had the strangest dream on Thursday night. I was sitting, working on my Halloween cross-stitching project that I LOVE and suddenly, I was out of aida cloth. I was stitches away from finishing and it looked like I hadn't given myself enough cloth to finish the project. Since this was more of a nightmare, I shot up and ran to my cross-stitch bag on the other side of the room, dug out the Halloween piece, and counted.

I didn't have enough fabric. And I have no idea how I did that! Luckily I wasn't almost done or anything. Dang. I'm glad I dreamed about it- I could have stitched for a few more weeks before figuring out I was 8 stitches' worth of fabric short. I was so upset (not really) that I turned on my "Outlander" audio book and grabbed the next p
roject in the queue. The piece is called Mrs. McKenna's Farm and it's a little sampler with a farm house, a few trees, and my favorite thing ever- sheep. Here's my progress after 4 discs of Outlander and half a bottle of wine (it was on Saturday night- drinking is allowed). I'm absolutely in love with it even though it doesn't really look like much...yet.
And here are all of the projects that have been utterly neglected because of the cross-stitch sampler. (I knew I shouldn't have started it, but I have absolutely no self control when it comes to NOT starting new projects)
1. Red Tweedy Sweater Beast. I'm going to wear this on Thanksgiving. End of story.

2. Magic Octopus Sock. Started on Florida trip so that I would have plain knitting to take to the Harry Potter theme park (hence the "magic" part). Yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in "Octopus Gardens" colorway.

3. Teal Mitten. It needs to be closed at the top, given a thumb, and then given a mate. I'll get there eventually. Preferably before we have real snow.

4. Crochet Stash-Eater blanket. Was going to be a Christmas present for my mom who said she didn't like the colors. Whew- more for me!

So that's what I've been up to. How's your holiday crafting coming?


Anonymous said...

I love your blanket, I think your mum will be missing out on a great pressie.X Caroline in UK

Paige Darling said...

Thanks Caroline! I'm not mad at all about her not liking the blanket- more for me!