Monday, November 28, 2011

Day Tripper

One way ticket, yeah.... it took me soooooo long to find out, and I found out.

Not really. This morning I took a little trip to go to the Clay Purl in Nashville, Indiana. It was my first trip to Brown County, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Nashville because I was an hour and a half early to my appointment.

Here were some of the sights (it got quite drizzly and I put my camera away- I'd rather keep it dry if possible). I found the most wonderful little shop called Madeline's, and it smelled like Gardenia candles and had fantastic vintage dress forms that in hindsight, I wish I had bought.
I did a little damage waiting for my appointment- I bought a nice little jar of lemony lotion that isn't greasy at all, and a pair of sheepy socks. Then when I went out to the car to get my rep bag, I found that I had a stowaway...
...who turned out to be quite the Olive Garden party animal.

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TC said...

Too cute!! So glad you wandered through Nashville, IN. :)

Thank you for sharing your pictures :)