Saturday, November 12, 2011

the hat

I began this morning a little earlier than I wanted to, but all with good reason. I took a Fair-Isle class from Amy Detjen today and it was marvelous. I took my 8 rows of homework ribbing in and a dark and light color that I thought looked nice together (it's a very dark green if the pictures don't show it well). Within a few minutes, I was knitting with two colors! I never really got a fluid two handed-system going, and anchoring down stitches with the right-hand color is still a little over my head, but overall I'm very pleased with myself and my- scratch that- Meghann's new hat.The pattern is a little crazy because it wasn't really meant to be a hat, just a sampler where I get to experiment with things like color changes and floats, but if someone is willing to wear my first fair-isle on their head and look this happy about it, then I'm all about that.
It's improvised. It has mistakes. It had slightly wonky decreases. And I couldn't be happier with it. And Meghann seems to be happy with it too. (And isn't her owl sweater adorable! I totally picked the buttons :p)

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Bonnie said...

WOW. That's impressive. I've made mittens that required two handed/two color knitting, and I have never figured out how to get the tension in my left hand correct. I knit a lot looser with my left. I'm VERY impressed with your hat. I don't notice mistakes at all.