Monday, July 16, 2012

When is big big enough?

I am having a serious mental block about finishing my crochet scrap-eating afghan.  I keep thinking "the next row will be it" and sure enough, it still seems too small.  Now I can't decide if it's actually too small or if I just don't want to stop working on it.

I did a few of my common afghan-sizing tests to see if I'm getting close to having it the right size.  It's missing a few patches that haven't been attached yet (or made yet for that matter) but I think we're getting close.  But I thought I'd share my highly scientific test methods to determine if an afghan is big enough or not with you.

Test #1.  Do you get cold feet during naps?
This test was repeated several times for the most effective results.  If this test is passed, move on to test #2.

Test #2.  Does it make an appropriately sized fort?
Yes.  Move on to test #3.

Test #3.  Can you reenact scenes from "Titanic" using the afghan as a door and a cat as Kate Winslet?
Affirmative.  Move on to test #4.

Test #4.  Is afghan big enough for more than one cat? 
Clearly, it's not.  I think I'll add another row of circles. 

If you find yourself wanting to do these tests and lacking a cat, you're welcome to my old yellow cat.  She hates life and pees on the floor sometimes, but she's a trained yarn snob and will deliver highly accurate results. 


Bonnie said...

I like your highly technical tests. I think the blanket looks awesome. I wonder if it will ever be cool enough to want to be under a blanket. I have my doubts.

Paige Darling said...

Thanks Bonnie! I repeated test #1 again today in the comfort of the A/C. I finally started with the border today so no matter how many "one more rows" I think it needs, it's not getting them!