Thursday, July 5, 2012

the busy bee

I must have been crazy to think that working from home would mean that I have more time to do things like knit or blog (instead of spending 2 hours a day in transit to and from work).  And while I'm waking up earlier, getting out less, and working for much longer that I was a couple months ago, it's absolutely fabulous working for myself.  I do have to be a bit cheap for a while though, as I don't plan on paying myself anytime soon.

My only regret is that my personal crafting time has gone completely out the window.  And when I do have time to knit what I want to knit, I get that guilty feeling that reminds me that it's not going to help my little business in any way by knitting someone else's yarn with someone else's pattern.

And I have had a happy couple weeks designing away on 6 new projects in 3 new yarns.  But the State Fair is coming up, and I've got 3 entry tags with no projects attached.

I put a couple hours in to the scrap-eater afghan, and it is going to be a lot of work, but it might be doable.  After I finish attaching the row of circles I've got started, it will be 16 squares tall and wide, and my plan is 16 by 18.  I might decide to make it 18 by 20 though since I love a big blanket, but then it wouldn't go to the Fair this year.  Decisions, decisions.  There's going to be a border to it, but that won't add more than 2 inches. Tubby Custard thinks it's great exactly as it is...
No comment on the other 2 projects that lie unfinished.

Here are a couple pictures of the projects I'm playing with for Good For Ewe, the first is a future baby blanket in the yarn "Chord", the second is a hat in "Sultry Steps".  Both patterns (and a few more) will be available in print within a few weeks.
I thought I'd also post a couple garden shots, although the green thumb seems to be taking a year off.  Here are my herbs (mostly basil and catnip)...
 And cucumber #1...
And cucumber #2.  The heat wave and drought is not helping my inability to make anything grow this year.

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