Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've lost my mojo

I have lost my knitting mojo. It's terrible! With holiday mart and the keystone thing coming up, I really don't feel like knitting anything right now. I reckon I lost it shortly after the trip to Mass Ave., but I have no idea where I've left it. Maybe I did leave it Mass Ave and didn't realize it until halfway through the next hat? I even unloaded the fall season's yarn today at work..and nothing. Normally, sorting new yarn is just short of orgasmic, but nothing. I didn't even buy any. I do have Mad knitting tonight...and I should be leaving in about 5 minutes, but I have no idea what to do. I'd love to take my painting or my woodworking, but I'm just not feeling the yarn today. Not even cross stitching.

Anyone else lost thier mojos lately? Any suggestions on where to look? Maybe I just need to take a knit-break and focus on my other crafts for a few days. But tonight I'm going to mad knitters...maybe I'll find it there. Then again...theres always those darn nargles taking my knitting things...but mostly they just stick to tape measures, stitch markers and cable needles. The nargles have certainly gone overboard this time.

I'd love to hear your suggestions on where to find my mojo and what I should do about it. Have a nice day!

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janet said...

My mojo was lacking at mad knitters last week. I banged out a drawstring bag and I've got it back, baby! 2 projects started since then.

My suggestion: Not a hat.

Find something that you haven't tried before, or something you love but haven't done in a while. Maybe not knitting is good. Maybe it just needs to be something for you.

Or maybe you found it at Mad Knitters last night and this is all now unnecessary.