Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finished with Love

So I've finally finished the "Peace and Love" set, just in time for 50% off framing at Michaels! Yay! I love finishing things AND saving money. I'm having the pair matted on burgundy and framed separately and they will hang on under the other...or next to each other...or something.
I'm still knitting hats like a banshee for Little Women (scheduled drop-off; thursday, hats to make : 2 1/2.) Also have to make the 8 promised hats for MG Tates and try to convince them to pay me wholesale. I already get screwed by thier 50% commision. I'd be willing to go 45% if it was wholesale. I much prefer getting paid in full at time of drop off. I've been screwed over before by a store who "lost" several hundred dollars in my knitted things and I was never reimbursed. Needless to say...I'd much rather go wholesale and have some security.
I'm also getting ready for holiday mart and trying to get into Mount Vernon's holiday craft sell the stuff I've made that Holiday Mart won't let me sell there. We'll see...they might be full already.
I need to get back to cramming right now...more later...including the trip to the state fair!

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janet said...

Give me a call tomorrow if you need me - I have errands to run, but they should only take a couple of hours and I should be sticking close to the northeast side of town.

Unfortunately, I have yet to come up with non-linear knitting math issues.