Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photo-mania!!! is the framed Peace and Love (which I did myself for 9 dollars each...not bad). So that's the end of that! are the state fair pics I've been talking about. This year I went with my grandparents and my mummy...and I had a good time. Whenever we go with my dad, we go right past the 4-H and Women's buildings, which are the highlights of my trip! I also stopped at the spinning display and chatted with the lady about how merino is far superior to romney....but romnay is still lovely. We went to the 4-H buildings after that and looked at all the knitted stuff. My first reaction..."Are you kidding? They got a blue ribbon for THAT?" Hello....plain stockinette is nothing to get a blue ribbon over. So next year I plan on entering a baby blanket, an afghan, a sweater, and a skien of handspun. Bring on the blue ribbons. Then we saw all the animals...which were cute and sometimes smelly.
That's all for now...need to get back to studying so I can go to Mad knitters tonight!!!

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janet said...

The only blue-ribbon thing I was impressed by was the fair isle vest. And truthfully, part of the work there was done by a variegated yarn, I think. It was the third-place Tomato that made me say "Oh, seriously? I can do this."