Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peace & Socks

Hello there, I've been away for a while, haven't I? Sorry about's not every week that I teach multiple classes, take multiple classes with multiple exams, work and most importantly, MOVE back to Purdue. I did the bulk of it today, and have spent what small amount of free time I have packing for least I can have a break for a few days.
So, in my absence, I found my mojo in the strangest of places. Crochet cotton and panda cotton. This is rather amusing, as I think I may have burnt myself out on knitting by knitting dishrag cotton. And I never knit with cotton...makes my fingers feel funny. But crocheting it, with an eensy weensy hook is a much different story. In case the picture is terrible, the crocheted FO is done in a baby pink crochet cotton and it says "Peace". I will probably start "Love" tonight while ironically watching 300.

Oh, and I would like to thank my Aunt Neany for teaching me how to crochet letters and then telling me how to get them to behave.

As mentioned above, I made the first of a pair of Panda cotton socks...and I actually want to start the second one very soon! Typically, I have to take month long breaks between halves of the pair, but this one may only be a week...maybe never know.

More good, news, I sold 8 hats to Little Women in Nora...very exciting. I'm almost finished with my fifth and would love to drop them off and get paid before I head back to old Purdizzle.
That's all for today...I'm going to watch gory movies and crochet pink doilies that say "Love."

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