Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dating Failure

Okay...I'll be honest. I have knitted two rows since last saturday. And I don't see myself knitting until saturday's stitch and sip. I may be the only one without destroyed knitting, as I believe I am the only one not doing any sipping....but it's all good.

Some of you may know that while studying abroad in Korea, I met a really great guy. Well, he was great for the duration of the trip. He kinda sorta dumped me on the last day (which happened to be my birthday...dick.) So we talked over the summer and things were going pretty well...and lo and behold...we're in the same sociology class. Perfect! I'd get to see him on a regular basis (which was the reason he gave me for the dismissal...we wouldn't see each other enough) and if we didn't start dating again, then we could still be friends..right?

NOT! I saw him today said hi and he completely blew me off! Up yours, army guy. I'm totally going on a date with the guy in my dance class. Even if he is gay.

Any dating advice for the love pariah? I'd love to hear your oppinions and what you guys have done in the past...that has worked out (minor detail).

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janet said...

My $0.02:

Boys are stupid. No matter how old they are.

I always met guys through clubs and stuff. Automatic stuff to talk about, and automatic something in common, and automatic place you know you'll see him. Meanwhile, you're keeping busy.

Of course, the guy I actually married I met because I was dating a friend of his. Six years later we started dating.

Sorry, no magic formula. Hang in there.