Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm having a grand old time here in West Laf having just finished my math final....(I'm pretty sure I passed this time!).

Since my last posting, I frogged the lotus blossom shirt, turned it into a tank top, which I didn't like either, and turned that into a scarf which will probably get frogged in a few days.

I also started a new pair of socks, hoping that the third pair is the charm to getting over SSS. So far I really like it. I need a name for them, they're made out of Bearfoot in the color ruby river...or something like that. The pattern is supposed to look like snowflakes. I thought about something like "crimson winter" but I really never want to see red snowflakes. They might end up being something along the lines of "Dorothy" "Red Ruby Sockers" "Great and Powerful Socks" or whatever else you guys come up with. I am stumped. I might just keep knitting it and hope something better hits me.

I also danced in Spring Works, the Purdue Rep. Dance Company's spring show...and all the knitting I got done backstage got frogged. But I did get an in-costume picture for you guys! (Raven and myself, wearing our imaginary monocles)

And today I am headed to RK for my post-math-final celebration in order to fill that last $10 spot on my discount card. Then I'll save up my money for a month or so and then blow the discount on something cashmere. yummy.

See you mad knitters soon! I should be home on Friday.

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