Saturday, April 12, 2008

hello baby! and stash

The beautiful thing about knitting lace is that...well, it's beautiful. But after knocking out the back, the front and most of the sleeves of the lace cardi I'm designing, I really wanted to knit something zen-ful. As in, plain stockinette (stolen from Samurai Knitter, my she-ro) and it was fabulous. I wanted something that could be done quickly (say during FNR and then in downtime in rehearsal this morning) and something I could sell. So I am now introducing my new style of hat, "hello baby". For those of you reading this because you're interested in the new product and not the knitting content, $12 for a hat. $13 lets you pick the ribbon color.

I also did a little stashing this week after a rough few days doing homework and sneezing constantly (flu is going around Purdue....not cool) and found the most awesome colorway of Kureyon I've ever seen. Here it is! I also ordered some more cascade quatro from RK on Wednesday and the owner called me today to tell me it was here....impressive. If you're in a pinch, that's the place to call for yarn-quick! Now I can take enough of that yarn to China to come home (ideally wear home) a new hoodie. Because it will be plain stockinette stitch AND knitted in China (probably a good chunk of it will be knitted on the way to China- that's a looooooooong flight) it will be called most appropriately, Zen. Unless you guys come up with something more creative and fitting. In fact...if you do, there will be a prize involved! So come up with something creative and win! Will post prize if anyone submits a new name.

I'm out to do some more history! (Turns out, America is quite boring) Peace and Zen knitting to all!

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janet said...

Samurai Knitter is awesome. I'm mid-Zen sweater myself. It's so good for watching tv or riding in the car or just about anything.