Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just stuff

So I've been cleaning my room (packing up stuff for Goodwill, unpacking stuff from Purdue, rinse and repeat) pretty much all day so I thought I would take a blog break.
For those of you who haven't seen it, I cut off 14 inches of hair. I still don't have a decent picture though, so I'll keep working on that. It's really liberating...

I also have the first 18/25 squares done, which means I'm on the home stretch- at least on the knitting part. Not overly excited about finishing it all and crocheting the border, but that's just part of the blanket. Oh well, I think someone will be excited to help me finish it! She is so goofy, I was turning on the camera to take a picture of the squares all neatly laid out on the floor and she plopped down right in the middle for a belly rub. Here's another picture of the blanket, minus the dog.

I'm getting the new project itch worse than ever, and knitting dozens of baby hats for my cousin isn't helping. All of my stashed sweater yarn is calling my last check in I have the next 7 sweaters worth of yarn stashed....and I can't decide what to knit next! Ahhh! Whatever I decide, it will have to wait until 5 more projects are finished and/or the opening ceremonies of the olympics. I'm planning on a 17 day hoodie, much like the PoCo hoodie made with the cascade yarn that I can't stop wearing.
Okay- back to cleaning!

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