Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tencel: 1, Paige: 0

I finally worked up the nerve to attack the small ball of tencel that was a freebie at Franklin, and I have to say, it kicked my ass. After about an hour I finally came up with about 30 yards of bleh (that's a noun and an adjective combined) and almost cried. I have failed at spinning tencel, twice. It just wasn't an enjoyable experience, but what else is a spinster to do?

So to make up for my bad spinning, I plied it with pink cotton thread and my favorite addition, itty bitty crystals left over from Mother's Day Present 2006, or 2005, can't be sure. Here's a deceptively pretty shot of it in my hand...

So why exactly am I spinning tencel at 2 in the morning?

Because my knitting mojo is on vacation. I blame this on my mother ('s a decent explantation) who has taken all the knitting out of my room and put it the back of a large closet where it cannot be seen by anyone looking at the house. Unfortunately, I can't find it either. I did search for it for quite a while (WHERE THE H3!! did 11 knitting projects go?!) and by the time I found a few of them, I'd lost my mojo. I am no longer able to wake up surrounded by a nearly completed Lizard Ridge, or that damn cardigan that has been taunting me since I decided to start over on the sleeves.

I'm just not in the mood to knit anything...and it blows. Maybe tomorrow night's knit night will help-provided I'm not waiting on tables through it all.

I will try to finish the 21st piece of the Lizard Ridge tonight, with the help of the movie the neighbor gave me to watch. I think it's called "The Graduate", anyone ever heard of it?


Julie-in-in said...

Plastic, that is the future Ben,plastic

Paige Darling said...

had you written that 4 hours ago- I would have no idea what you were talking about.