Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I should be studying/packing

I should be doing things other than snacking and blogging, mostly because I am taking a final tomorrow and then moving back to Indianapolis immediately afterwards. Well, not immediately, I'm going to Borders to return the $45 textbooks that we read 5 pages of and buy books I will actually read. I'm quite excited about that. I do need to pack up my appartment rather soon, so I can find the books I am supposed to have read by now. Bleh. Damn you Postcolonial Literature and your piles of reading!

On a more knitting related note, I finished Nathalie's scarf, the blue linen one. It remarkably took only a little more than a skien of yarn (about 200 yards) for a rather long, wide (after being blocked of course) scarf. (Anyone want most of a skien of Rowan Damask?) I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I'm even happier that I already dropped that and the Tequila Sunrise scarf off. Since neither recipients were in their offices, I had to be the knitting fairy and leave them with a nice little note. I really hope they like them. It feels great to have them done.

I started the 16th lizard ridge square after stocking up on Kureyon (had a 20% off card so I bought 7) and am almost halfway through. I might try to put my Lizard Ridge in the State Fair- everyone who has seen it so far says I should enter it. *Fingers crossed!* Hopefully the promised free yarn will come (so far it has not, I'm starting to think that lady forgot she promised me free yarn) and if that comes, I should be able to not buy anymore Kureyon and make an oversized blanket with the yarn I have and scraps I soon will have. Updates soon! I'm really truckin' to get this beast done and in the fair! That and I promised myself no more projects until the total count is under 5- I've got a ways to go.
Well- back to packing. I felt like I had to announce that I actually finished something.
Bonus for Facebookers: If you go to my facebook profile and see my latest album (Gay Old Time in Chicago) then you can see my Gay Pride Potholder! Seriously- what else do you do with rainbow cotton?

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