Monday, July 28, 2008

Rock 'em Sock 'em Grandmas

So you've probably noticed the lack of real knitting related posts lately. I've just had a lot going on, and none of it was knitting.
Firstly, I went to see the Foo Fighters at Conseco with Kieran on the 23rd. That was 5 different levels of awesome. Dave Grohl (lead singer and future baby's daddy) was hilarious...I give this concert a 9, which places with between Green Day's American Idiot tour and Nickelback's Far Side of a Bullet tour. In other words, it kicked ass.

Kieran and I spent the rest of the day doing touristy things as discovering downtown Indianapolis is something people from New Zealand don't frequently do. We went to the Indiana state museum where we got in as volunteers but roamed the museum for the majority of our time. I figured I'd let him do the last few displays by himself and I would knit a bit so we wouldn't be freeloading in the name of war-time knitting circles and he came over and said he was going to knit with me. I kinda assumed he would watch and talk for a few minutes, but he picked up one of those garter stitch strips and started knitting! Totally wasn't expecting that. Was very impressed. Wished he were single. Moving on.

As for today's bizarre blog title, here it goes. On Thursday, on my way to knit night, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go to Greenfield with her to see my grandma...the one we don't like. She's a little (scratch that- alot) on the looney side and was kicked out of her nursing home about a month ago for walking around with no clothes on. Multiple times. I really hope whatever genes those are were not passed on to me. So, we got her all moved in to the new, higher security nursing home in the special Alheimer's ward (she doesn't have alheimers, but this is the only thing we could do for her that didn't involve padded walls, other nursing homes won't take her). By the time I got home, my mom had recieved the call from the nursing home saying that my grandma had gotten lost in the ward (it's a hallway. just one hallway) and gotten into a fistfight with another resident. Mind you, these rock 'em sock 'em grandmas are in their late 80's, and after my grandma threw the punch knocking the other lady over into her tv, my grandma fell into the wall behind her because she has no sense of balance. So my grandma, who is the ultimate hypochondriac, is screaming bloody murder because she has scratched her arm against the wall and demands to be taken to the hospital. There they do thousands of dollars worth of tests and send her home with a bottle of Neosporin. Talk about DRAMA. Normally I would feel like I should visit her in the hospital or something, but this occurs every other week and she wouldn't remember five minutes after I left.

As far as knitting goes, that's been significantly less eventful. I got a custom scarf order (yay!) from my anonymous poster from a post I did mid-january. It's charcoal and grey alpaca which I will be spinning myself in order to destash the roving pile and avoid buying more alpaca yarn. So far the one skien I have spun up is quite bulky and I am knitting a simple stripe pattern on size 11's. I tried knitting entrelac with it, but after 3 rows it was clear I was going to need another 5 alpacas to finish the scarf. If you haven't spun alpaca before, do so now. It's the easiest fiber to spin and it goes very quickly. Here are some pictures of the roving and such.

As far as current projects go, my red tweed CPH is becoming un-fun as the second sleeve is being knit. My goal is to finish that by Thursday so I can bring something I actually want to knit to knit-night, or another friggin' lizard ridge square. Here's a pic of the progress...
That's about it for now. I'm teaching a knitting class in a few hours and should probably put together a bunch of old needles for people who don't have the right size (size 8, not 8 mm. Not that hard)

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