Friday, December 19, 2008

6 days until Christmas!

So after a super-productive knitting night last night, I brought home a nearly finished sock and seriously thought about finishing it....but I didn't. Instead I played with my spinning wheel and will have some plied yarn pictures in a couple days. I'm working with more of the Lorna's Laces roving, but in blues and purples instead of Rainbow this time. I did take the rainbow and some other blue handspun to SnB for show and tell, and I think it was well liked. Janet had a hard time giving back the blue merino and I think I might have found a buyer for the rainbow handspun! I just have to decide if I really want to sell it or not...
But in more awesome yarny news, I finished the socks first thing this morning, and my Koolhaas hat a few minutes ago! Since it's not the best light for pictures and my mom isn't entirely sure how my camera works, the pictures aren't great, but they are pictures. Here's a few of the Koolhaas, which will be in the mail today. My mom and I went to Knit-Stop the other day and got some alpaca/wool and started the Koolhaas, which I've been looking for an excuse to make. (The yarn is Babe Softy Chic by the Fibre Company and is wonderful on so many levels and I would love to buy more but I need to wait until it goes on sale AND I win the lottery) I completely changed the crown because...honestly? I was too lazy to get up and find the directions...but I think it turned out fine. I actually think I like my version better! Here's a couple pictures of the hat, and because we all hated on compulsive cat-posters at SnB last night, here's a picture of Tubby Custard. She wasn't happy about getting her picture taken, but she was quite happy about the piece of ham that followed.
I already mentioned that I finished the second Wicked Stepsister sock, and it was about time. I got a nasty case of Second Sock Syndrome right after I turned the heel and let it sit for a week before I dragged it out last night at Borders. I wish I hadn't been so burned out on socks, the yarn was absolutely wonderful (go and buy some of Mandie's yarn now! You can find it at and it's called Sheepy Feet. Mine is silk and wool in the color "Black Widow" from the "Better than Black" collection.) The pattern was Cookie's Hedera from I'll get some better pictures soon, but since my mom isn't too sure how digital cameras work and this color is tricky to photograph, I'll have to get some better pictures over break to show off.

That's about it...I'm going to go drop this Chemo Choolhaas in the mail so it can make it's way to Boston. Have a great night!


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Oh! Your koolhaas turned out so pretty! I am working on one right now for my FIL!

paisley penguin said...

Cute hat! HeHe - you've been tagged. check out my most recent blog post. :)