Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back in the Spin of things

Hey there! I'm finally back in the US and still a little jetlagged, but glad to be home. Traveling is always a terrible experience, only made worse by the banning of knitting on airplanes, so I won't talk about that.
Yesterday was my first full day back and slept...alot. Then I started unpacking and got all my Christmas presents wrapped! I'm so far ahead of my usual Christmas self- I blame it on the lack of Christmas knitting. I really like having everything already wrapped and under the tree. Then I went out to El Rodeo with the fam, which was awesome. They don't have Mexican restaurants in the UK, so I was thrilled to have a burrito, chalupa and a quesadilla. You'd be amazed at how much I can eat for a hundred and ten pound person. Then I bonded with my brother over Superbad and attempted to start a lace top, which will probably be frogged later. I'm not terribly happy with it, but I'm going to put it away for a few days and think about it first.

Today I got back to Lucrezia, my darling, my spinning wheel. I started spinning some Lorna's Laces roving before I flew the coop but I didn't get it done in time. Today I spun the rest of the really long spun single and then had the bright idea to Andean ply 400 yards- which obviously didn't turn out well. Andean plying is good for when you've got a little bit of single-ply handspun that you'd like to by 2 ply, but you don't want to separate it out on 2 bobbins to do so. So, had the slightly brighter idea to put it all on my niddy-noddy and then put it around a pillow and pull from both sides, still doing an Andean ply, just on a much bigger scale. I will definently do it again, and will try to take pictures of the process next time. I was thrilled that it worked! I'm also thrilled with how the Lorna's Laces looks all plied...isn't it pretty? I really missed my wheel when I was in England...it was so pleasant to get my rhythm back at the wheel while listening to RENT (listening to La Vie Boheme at the moment...for the 12th time) and watching the snow fall. Its so relaxing...I love being home with my chatty cat and my spinning wheel!

Not a whole lot else going on...there's been talk about a trip to DSW for a new pair of boots to replace the ones I broke in England (at this point I have 2 pairs of shoes in the flat in England, black heels and red heels...not too great for the snow!) and I still need to go to Tiffany to get my Christmas bracelet fitted...I can't wait to start wearing it!


Eternal Sunshine said...

http://www.chillicompany.com/ nomnomnomnom : D

We do have one Mexican in Suffolk!

paisley penguin said...

Wow, your yarn is beautiful!

Jaclyn Bailey said...

I am glad that you got home safely. The handspun is very pretty! Good luck finding the perfect pair of boots! I know how much finding awesome shoes can help kill jetlag!