Monday, December 1, 2008

Monkeys off my back

Hey there! I'm back from my wonderful weekend away in St. Neots visiting my mom away from mom. I did a ton of Christmas shopping, but my family occasionally reads here, so I'm going to stop talking about
I had a wonderful weekend of wining, dining (and shopping obviously) and beautiful, blissful, uninterupted sleep. I took my laptop with every intention of finishing the essay that was due today, but didn't. I did get the laptop out about 4 times and stared at Microsoft Word for a while, write a few lines, save it, then delete it a minute later, but I actually started over as soon as I got back here. 4 hours before the essay was due. I cranked out my 20 pages, cited my sources, proofread and send that beast in sent that beast in 10 minutes before it was due. I was actually started to get nautious as 4 o'clock approached- I was terrified. There are no extensions for any reason. Well, 1 reason, but I don't plan on getting beaten to a pulp and go to the hospital anytime soon. But then again, it could put my nose back where it used to be....and there's 1 monkey off my back. The essay- not the fugly nose that makes even Barbara Streisand look normal.
I barely touched my knitting this weekend. Seriously- it was that good. I did buy a little something for myself...but I didn't get a picture since it's past 4 pm here and therefore pitch black outside and any pictures taken of yarn with the flash look like something out of the Wizard of Oz. I picked up 3 skiens of this Peruvian yarn I'd never seen before but fondled innapropriately in a different store. It was on sale here and all three were the same dye lot, so I'm really glad I didn't buy it at the Remnant Shop as originally planned. It's called Hacho and it can be found here: It's beautiful stuff- the colorway I got is all different greens and purples (shocked? I know!) So, minimal knitting this weekend but I did pull off a miracle on the ride home this morning...
That's right! I got over the Second Sock Syndrome and finished the second pumpkin monkey (homesick socks on ravelry) and kitchenered the toe shut after I finished my essay. It's a good feeling...been wearing them ever since. Can't wait to get them home to Indy and get some really good pictures of them so I can add them to the hand-knit-sock rotation. Two monkeys off my back. It was a good day.

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