Friday, December 26, 2008

Yay for Christmas!

Happy winter holidays, readers! I was certainly a very lucky girl yesterday and got really awesome presents, so thank you to all my readers who donated to the "Paige wants clothes, CD's, DVDs and yarn" fund. So yeah, got clothes (I've ballooned this year thanks to tea, crumpets, fish and chips and all those other yummy British things) a few DVDs (I'm such a girly-girl, I got Wanted, the Dark Knight and some more awesome stuff) and a few CDs including the love of my life, Jason Mraz and my other loves, Alanis Morrisette, Pink and Flight of the Conchords. My dad also surprised me with the coolest CD ever- Nightmare Revisted. apprently he'd read about it in Rolling Stone and decided it was all me- I had a Nightmare Before Xmas phase that started my freshman year of high school and is still going strong...7 years running! It's all the songs from Nightmare before Xmas performed by artists including Marilyn Manson (I normally don't dig his stuff but he did a great job on this CD) Amy Lee, Plain White Tees, All American Rejects and some other people you really didn't expect to do a CD like this. It's awesome. I lurve it. I got a little yarn- 4 skeins of Brown Sheep to be exact. I bought some crazy turquoise a couple years ago and love it, but I'm not bold enough to wear something that's as bright and fuzzy as that. So I asked for something to pair it with to make a striped hoodie. I got 4 skiens of a charcoal-ey gray. My mom called up Molly at Stitches and Scones and explained that I'm hopeless at matching colors and so they sent out the Brown Sheep to the house- which is awesome! I'm really excited to start the hoodie- the pile of yarn will probably go to England to keep me company. I'm working really hard on this project manogamy thing and am about to finish the body on my blue sweater that only a few people have seen and nobody has maybe next post.
So, while I only got 4 skiens of grey yarn for Xmas, I did a little pre-holiday stashing. Here's a few show-and-tell pictures that I've been meaning to post for 2 weeks. The blue and green sock yarn is more Sheepyfeet from Mandie, the bulky light blue is my handspun, and that delicious emerald green that looks like mint in the picture is my lover, Malabrigo. I picked that up at Keepsakes in Carmel after having my nose prodded and then disapproved of by a plastic surgeon.
Note**I'm not entirely sure why there's a picture of chocolate cake in there, I tried to upload a picture of my new stash and it just jumped in my blog and I can't get rid of it. It's quite nice though...maybe I should post more chocolate cakes**
So the much anticipated (for me at least) White Elephant gifty-switch is tomorrow night and I HAVE A DATE! I tried to have the blue lacey sweater done for tomorrow night, but it's not going to happen. I'm going to be cleaning tomorrow and won't have time to knit another 3 inches onto the bottom and both sleeves. Was a good effort though, I think. I'll try to take some pictures of interesting things that aren't too obscene so you guys have an idea of what goes on at the Darling house.
What's in my head right now (in case you were wondering)
1. The picture at the top was taken at Starbucks while I was waiting for my green tea. It's a wreath make of red christmas ornaments and green yarn balls. I think I need to make one. I probably have enough green snippets to do it....but I'll get to it eventually.
2. I just watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and it was awesome.
3. I still need to make my dishcloth for the gifty-switch in Zionsville. And another Koolhaas hat for Pam in white. I got the yarn on sale at Knit-Stop today. More later once I actually start it. If I can still stand cabling after another Koolhaas, I'll make myself one out of that green Malabrigo. And it will be awesome.
4. I think I'm going to buy a dress form so I can put my sweaters in progress on it to decide if it makes my hips look big without actually wearing it. I think I'll wait until I get a JoAnn coupon. Those things are expensive. If I weren't so strangely shaped, I'd pay a random homeless person to hold still while I decide if my sweater is going to work or not.
5. Amazon has decided to wait to send my Yarn Harlot book and my Franklin book until the new Wendy Johnson book is published so that they can send it all in the same package. That's pretty lame, because Wendy's book doesn't come out until April.
That's about it. I think I'm going to go to bed now...I've got a lot of cleaning to do before the party tomorrow. Toodles!


Jaclyn Bailey said...

So glad your Christmas totally rocked!

paisley penguin said...

I totally want to make that wreath from Starbucks too!

Kate said...

Love that orange cat! We have one too. Your blog rocks!