Friday, May 1, 2009

Things that are awesome

1. Today is May 1st. I'll be 21 in 25 days.

2. My birthday wrap is now over 2 feet long! It's amazing though...the more I knit, the bigger the uber-skein gets. Even after consulting the physics department and having them tell me, "Miss, this happens all the time. It's only your imagination." I think my stole has got a Penelope complex and it unknits itself each time I go to bed.

3. I have a sunburn. This normally isn't something people would call "awesome" but I apparently missed out on the gene that lets you get colour when you go in the sun. Normally it's just pasty, pasty, pasty. This also means I spent three hours outside today, 1 hour walking and 2 hours reading (5 minutes of reading, 1 hr 55 mins sleeping) by the lake. I was awaken by a Canadian goose rummaging through my bag for something to eat. These things are bold, aren't they? Also, I thought they were supposed to stay you North America. They must have migrated here...which does explain the coconuts.

4. My silk samples arrived in the mail today to make Sheree's wedding shawl. Now I have to decide between plied Swiss silk and unplied Indian silk. Then I'll order one of them and get to the lace! Can't wait...nothing excites me more than silk, lace, and beads. Well...maybe open bars at weddings.
5. I'm going to see a movie tonight with one of my old flatmates (the one who added a secret ingredient to my cake when I wasn't looking). We're going to see X-men. I think Wolverine is a sexy beast, so I'm pretty pumped. I saw The Boat That Rocked last week, and that was really good too.

6. My classes are officially over. This does mean I have an "unofficial" review session for Feminism next Wednesday, but I could probably use the extra review. This is only made more awesome by today's state of Friday-ness.

Hope you are having an awesome day too!

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