Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Birfday Post (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose)

I meant to post yesterday, but had a trillion things to do because people who are 21 are very important and busy. Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I'm now legit to join the Indy pub crawlers! Yay! Too bad I'm on the wrong continent...oh well.
Had a wonderful birthday at Alex and Marylyn's where I shared a b-day party with Alex's 13-year-old grandson, Calum. I don't have a single picture of the entire event, but I have been assured that they are coming. We had a wonderful cookout in wonderful weather, and 3 days later, I am still rocking the sunburn- that's how to tell it was a good party. Calum and I each got our own cakes, his was chocolate with blue icing and mine was green and sparkly sponge cake (yay!) and they were both amazing. I also got a bottle of champagne from Phil and Rachael (because I totally need to drink a bottle of champagne by myself- will save it for Ireland trip NEXT FRIDAY!)
Rushed back to Colchester on Tuesday morning with a slight tummy-ache from too much white wine with dinner, and showered, unpacked, checked e-mail and grabbed my knitting and walked to SnB with my Brit Knitters, and that was nothing short of amazing! I had people buying me drinks (Sara insisted I needed to be sloshed on my b-day, I didn't agree) and I got cards and presents and more cake and birthday shortbread and it was awesome. Awesome. I took a picture of my wonderful gifts, well- most of them. From left to right there's Lucy's Bear Neccesities tencel/merino sock, gifted by Maureen who knows that I love anything in green. Maureen also gifted the cute little yarny samples from the Natural Dye Studio, which are apparently very difficult to get. I am truly honored to have such a rarity in my stash now! The Great Britain tin was gifted my Sally and Ash, and it will probably end up holding either tea or end up holding stashed laceweight in the tea cabinet so I can spread lace and love to part of the house that aren't my stash room. Or to make it look like my stash isn't growing, even though it is. The satin red bag is from Caroline Craftyfox, and it's got a lovely tartan fabric on the inside. It's the perfect size for a pair of socks. She also gave me a little sock keychain, which I forgot to take a picture of since it's already attached to my keys. The purple laceweight is from Laura, who is awesome. The yarn is amazing, and I spooned with it last night. Not really, but I thought about it. The "21" flower is from Louise, who thought I needed a neon flower to announce my birthday. She was so right. I got alot of cards, too, which are in the Great Britain tin.

Since I'm down to my last 2 weeks in Colchester, I started passing out my "thanks for having me" presents, stitch markers that I made because I love to play with beads nearly as much as I love knitting. They also double as needle-threaders, and Louise swears they do laundry, walk the dog and bake cake as well. I think she's giving them too much credit. I do like them though- they fit much larger needles than normal stitch markers and don't affect your gauge in any way.

Since I'm feeling like a giveaway...let's have a little contest, shall we? (How sad is this- I'm so desperate for comments I'm going to give things away so people will leave them!)
The contest is: best knock knock joke. Leave your best knock knock joke and it's answer in the comments below the blog, and the winner will get a nice little set of stitch markers sent to them once I get home. Contest ends...let's's next Friday at noon, Hoosier time?
Ready? Go!


Jaclyn Bailey said...

You are funny. I dont know any good knock knock jokes.... So I will tell you the one that I hear about 10 times a day:

Mikaela: Knock Knock!
Aeddon: Who's there?
Mikaela: Cheese!

Followed by the insane laughter of both of them. Yep. That is just how we roll.

janet said...

I saw this one the other day and it made me giggle.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Smell mop.
Smell mop who?

francie said...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Keanu who?

Keanu let me in?
It's cold out here!