Friday, May 15, 2009


As you may know, my days in merry old Colchester are numbered. (That number, to be exact, is 20, and since we're talking numbers, I'm also 11 days from 21, which is just scary!) So on Tuesday at SnB, Frances, one of the knitters, gave me the most wonderful going away gift. She both crochets and knits, but I've never seen ANYONE crochet like her, and she made me a purple and green scarf out of Freedom Spirit (which goes perfectly with my hoodie of the same yarn) and a breathtaking cotton beaded bag. I had no idea people could actually make these, and it hurts my fingers thinking about all the beading she did for this bag! It's amazing and it's the most beautiful hand-made gift I've ever received. I'll love it forever.

That Tuesday night was only made better by finally finishing the birthday stole, which I have named "Spoons". I've had several people suggest the name Heather for it, since the yarn is a wonderful purpley heathered color, but I know a girl named Heather, and I don't like her that much. So I'm calling it "Spoons." That's not entirely random, as I think the chalice lace pattern does look like spoons (see top picture for better spoonage) and "birthday stole" is just boring. Plus it's fun to say that I was spooning my knitting for nearly 5 feet. It's still unblocked, and it will probably remain that way until I get home home to Indianapolis on June 13. But it's warm and wonderful and I love it. Thursday (yesterday) morning, I had my feminism final, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I celebrated the end of my feminism course by putting on lots of makeup, a dress and high heels and going out to see a chick flick. I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which was okay. It was cinematic comfort food, and it was probably all my brain could handle after 4 hours of writing. The movie was cute, but Matthew McConahey (that's probably not even close) and his hair were bothering me. It was entirely too short, and he was too tanned. I know that's his thing, but if the movie takes place in the middle of winter, he should probably look like he didn't spend that morning surfing on the pacific coast. Just my 2 cents on it.
And then there's the Swallowtail. I'm really enjoying knitting it, but I'm suddenly not in love with the almost-finished project. The colors are just like POW POW POW and I used royal blue E-beads instead of knitting nupps since I don't have my good lace needles here, which is hardly subtle. I've got about 10 rows left until the end, and since I've got Wuthering Heights on audiobook, that won't be a big deal. I will probably finish it tonight. So I love knitting it, I loved beading it, but I don't think I'll ever use it. Hopefully someone will say, "wow that's amazing, wherever did you get such a thing," at which point I will just hand it over. I enjoyed making it and the yarn was super cheap, and that's all that matters, right?
It's Ravelry name is "Bollywood Shawl" because the colors remind me of classic Bollywood costumes, which are amazing. It WAS named Jai Ho, which is the coolest Indian dance song ever, but when I told Lucy this on Tuesday, she said, "like the Pussy Cat Dolls song?" No. Name change. And knowing me it will probably change 3 more times before I finish it.
And now, back to the business plan!

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