Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've created a monster

And I created this beast out of Noro Kureyon sock, a Swallowtail pattern, and E-beads, three ordinarily beautiful things that put together are just....bad. I had such a good time making it too, it really is a shame it's so ugly.
It wasn't a total loss, however, and I did learn several new things, and a project that forces me to learn new things is quite high on my list.
Here's some of the things I learned from the hideous beast.
1. Nupping. Just because I didn't do any nupps, doesn't mean I didn't learn them. And I agree with Franklin, they are evil. I would have done them but I have left my good lace needles at home, and had I decided to nupp with dull needles, the project would be (a) frogged - which might have been a good thing in hindsight or (b) in hibernation, making me feel guilty and taking up the needles that I need to do Sheree's wedding shawl.

2. A new way of beading without counting how many beads I would need and stringing them all on before casting on. While this method is fine for smaller projects like hats, I couldn't imagine stringing beads along over thick and thin yarn for 400 or so yards. It wouldn't have made it over some of the thicker spots. So I Mcgyvered a way to bead involving a sharp sewing needle, a bead, and dental floss. I won't try to explain it because I'll lose you and you'll think I'm nuts, so I'll just take pictures next time I do it and post them step by step.

3. Elastic Cast off. Takes forever, but I'm sure it will come in handy. Like on toe-up socks or top-down hats. Oh yes...the possibilities are endless when you're not doing it over 400 stitches.

4. How a triangular shawl works (not the wearing of it, I still haven't figured that one out) but how it starts in the very middle of the very top and increases 4 per row. Brilliant! I love it. I wonder what other projects it can be applied to...

I think that's it...I might come up with something else I learned from it. What have you guys learned lately from your knitting?

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