Saturday, April 24, 2010


So it's eleven o'clock on a Saturday night. I'm sitting at the computer in an itty-bitty black and white dress, tall black heels, and my favorite black pearl necklace. There's other stuff too, but that's less important. I had a date at 9. He didn't show. So here I am dressed to the nines, tens and elevens, blogging about shearing alpacas.

Yesterday, I headed to work a couple hours early, loaded up in J's Jeep and headed down to Sheep Street, a yarn/fiber store that I'd heard awesome things about, but had never actually been. We were only there to drop off some yarn and talk about shearing briefly, but were introduced to the sheep, two Great Pyrenees dogs, and 2 of J's alpacas, Armstong and...Moe? Anyhoo, left Sheep Street and hit the road again, heading to Georgetown. J's farm is there and there were alpacas to shear. There were 9, including a baby that had been born just on Monday(omg so stinkin' cute!). We sheared 7 of them because the baby should probably hang on to it's coat for a few more weeks while it warms up and another was getting a special shearing later so her fleece would show well in competition.
So we sheared, gave shots, dodged spit and played with dogs in the creek. It was pretty much flawless! The only injury of the day was a minor one-I jabbed myself with a giant needle in the hand while filling up syringes to de-worm the alpacas. Now I'm spitting excessively and growing super thick hair. Not too bad actually. Just another adventure in fiber.


Anonymous said...

Quite cute! The alpacas are cute too...

And seriously what guy would stand you up? I bet he didn't know you'd look as great as you did... WTF?

Laura- ReallyandTruly said...

OMH I want an alpaca!!
Why on earth would a guy stand you up?!! I can only conclude that he took a nasty knock to the head!!
Missing you in Colchester!!

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Whoever stood you up is a shit. The Alpacas are SO CUTE! When are you going to come explore the Pacific Northwest????