Friday, April 30, 2010

My name is Paige, and I'm a yarnoholic.

So the problem with having a knitting group full of designers, dyers, and distributors, is that your stash has the ability to grow without ever going to a yarn store. (I still totally go to yarn stores, but this is pretty darn convenient) Here's how it goes: you're sitting there, minding your own knitting, gossiping with the other ladies and then suddenly Nicole from Imbued fibers pulls out a brand-spankin'-new green she's been playing with. And green is totally your color. And the color's name is "Sexy Paige Green". Okay, the color hasn't officially been named yet, so for now it's "Sexy Paige Green". And oh- by the way- there's a discount for me, making it very impossible to pass on "Sexy Paige Green". Naturally the checkbook comes out and that yarn comes home with me.

You pick out a pattern. Let's say that pattern is "Haruni" from Knitty. You tell Nicole at Imbued that you plan on making this, and she draws to your attention that there's not actually enough yarn in this skein to make Haruni (you cheeky devil!)Actually that's totally not the yarn's fault, the pattern requires 480 yards, most sock yarns come in lengths between 400 and 440 yards. So I'm going to need another "Sexy Paige Green". We then decide on giving back original SPG and she was going to dye me 2 more SPGs in a different base (same base as Hydrangea Bouquet if you're interested) and then she brought that in for me last night. And to make things even cooler, she wants to make a Haruni with me. If you are planning on making a Haruni, let either Nicole or myself know and we'll be sure to let you know when our knit-along is happening. We both decided last night that we should probably finish a few more projects first before casting on something big and lacy, so it might be a while.

So here we go, "Sexy Paige Green" and the nature shot of the day!

Garden Frog is shocked that I bought more yarn.
Tubby Custard....can't decide on an emotion towards my new yarn. But that face means she either thinks it's awesome, hates it, or Spot the neighbor cat is outside and she's plotting his demise.
And pretty purple flowers. No idea what they are, but I'm glad they're in my yard!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture of Custard..


Nicole said...

You are definitely the owner of the yarn named Sexy Paige Green.