Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You, Ingrid.

So one of my favorite singer/song writer/hippies that I listen to is Ingrid Michaelson- the lady who did that if you are chilly, here take my sweater/your head is aching, I'll make it better/ because I love the way you call me baby/and you take me the way I am song. She has another one that she introduces on her CD as "a song about giving up, but it's a good thing".

I am giving up on greener grasses/ I am giving up on making passes/ I am giving up on half-empty glasses/ I am giving up.

And so, Marine aka Lieutenant Dan, I am giving up. I want to be your girlfriend/SO/person you can talk to, but I find myself waiting in the wings, hoping you don't get a better option. I've always struggled with self-confidence, and I'm stepping out of this game while I scrape up what I have left of myself and move on. Things are going really well for me right now with work and stuff on the side, and I can't- I won't have this taken away from me because I'm sitting around waiting for a call that probably won't come anyway. Thanks, but this isn't best for ME. And that's really who I need to focus on right now. And thank you Ingrid, for phrasing it better than I ever could. There will be greener grasses and half-full glasses, but it will be because I made them that way.


Anonymous said...

Ingrid Michaelson will be at the Vogue on June 15th.

Personally I like "Keep Breathing". That's my mantra these days.

Paige Darling said...

"Keep Breathing" is also highly applicable now. And a great song in general. I'm totally hooked on "Breakable" as well- it seems to be the perfect fit nowadays. Will you be at the Vogue on June 15th, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

It's doubtful. I asked my currently lady if she'd like to go and she said no. So unless things change drastically (which isn't impossible at this point) I'll be missing it.

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Hooray for Ingrid, Boo to the Marine. Hooray for focusing on yourself.