Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

And sometimes things go really far up really fast, and then crash and burn before you have time to go...wtf? Are you serious? This applies to my recent dating adventures with a certain Marine, and not my adventures in fiber. And those adventures are much more fun, so let's talk about those, shall we?

(I'm on the Mac since my hell-kitten at the keys off my keyboard and since I'm a seriously Mac-challenged individual, I apologize for any blog funkyness that isn't the result of a man-hating mood swing).

So...Greencastle. Saturday began with Mandie calling at 7:30 am (for future references, there better be a fire or a 90% off shoe sale if you plan on calling me at 7:30...it's not pretty) and saying that I should come pick her up to go to Greencastle. Okay. So showered and primped and at Mandie's at 9:30, and at Jill's house shortly after that. Jill drove, which theoretically means I was free to knit, but we ended up gossiping about a certain Marine who will not be mentioned again. Go there and saw Laurie right off the bat as we were parking (I'm sorry Laurie! We couldn't catch up!) and then headed in to the first barn. There was fiber. Lots of fiber. And even a few familiar faces! (Left to right- Jill, Zionsville knitter's sister, Zionsville knitter whose name escapes me at the moment). I seriously love Zionsville knitter's shirt. YAAARRRRN!
After that we ran in to Carol (you've probably seen that sexy bi-atch on knitty modeling Mandie's Summit wrap. It's a cool wrap. I need one. I just need to finish another scabillion projects first). Anyhoo, Carol is a totally awesome spinning and was at the Trading Post (in Pendleton for the record) checking out Susan's impressive fiber stands.
A few minutes after that, Jill found a friend in the bunny barn. I thought about sticking this one down my shirt and taking him home with me. So soft! I told myself at the fiber fair that I don't need an angora rabbit...but now I'm not so sure. Have been seriously contemplating a large rabbit hutch in the screened in porch and a few bunny-wunnies to keep each other company. And yes. Bunny-wunnies.
And then I got a little star-struck when I met Lana, the designer of Skew (funk-tastic socks in this season's Knitty) and when Mandie and her silk shawl of awesome stood next to her, it was just cool. All that talent in one picture. I'm glad I got them together- my camera had been acting up all day but magically healed itself shortly after this picture. Even a Fujifilm knows how awesome it is to have 2 knitty designers together in the same room.
I bet you're wanting to know what came home with me, right? I know. The suspense is killing me too. I really didn't buy a whole lot, since I'm trying this new "quality over quantity" thing. So that means I got a couple projects worth of fiber (both from the Trading Post), a hank of sock yarn from Sandy's Palette (not pictured, but I got 2 of them last year and love them to pieces. Best. Socks. Ever.) and I even got the rug hooking ladies to help me out and set up a little project for me. My biggest investment was a new hook that promises to be much nicer than the hook I had been using for my cheap-ass sh*t-fiber rug hooking kit, as does the cloth and wool. It's a sheep so it will go along with my other sheepies that are scattered around the upstairs of my house. And that's all I have for right now. I took some pretty pictures of the flowers around my house, but they all deserve their own post, which will be a post where I really don't have anything to say. But for now, I'm going to go curl up with a trashy romance novel and an ornery kitten and call it a night. Wooly wishes and sweet dreams, readers.


Anonymous said...

Surely you didn't have to primp too much...

laurie said...

we were there at the same time and I never ran into you...Saw Carol several times and Nicole once..
Nice sheepy rug.