Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lace + Beads = Love

So I wasn't going to say anything for a while, but I just can't keep it bottled up anymore! I am teaching a class in Sarasota, FL next month and I'm so excited I could drop a stitch! I'm teaching Lucy Robson's "Candle Light Shawl" pattern, which I made earlier this year in DIC
Starry in the Happy Forest colorway. After Susan (the owner of A Good Yarn in Sarasota, where I will be teaching on May 22nd and 23rd)and I agreed on the class dates and such, only one pattern came to mind for a lace shawl that I want to knit (over and over) again and I think it's a great pattern for beginner lace knitters as well.

So I made another one so Susan can keep it at the shop until the workshop in May. This time I used Imbued Fibers "Hydrangea Bouquet" (or was it Hyacinth? Help, Nicole?) and I decided to get a little snazzy and throw in some of the leftover beads from Sheree's wedding shawl. So here we go- one of my new favorite FO's EVER.
Just a reminder of how awesome the yarn is even before you knit it...
And the glamor shots. Give it to me! Yes! Yes! Whew...I think I may need
a cigarette after that one.
The new stuff from my trip to Fiberworks in Dayton Ohio this weekend. Back to front: awesome merino roving in a funky orange color, Kraemer Sterling and finally some Araucania Ruca Multy, which is 100% sugar cane. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I had never seen sugarcane before and I thought I should have some. It feels like a strange cross between cotton & bamboo to me.
And finally, Madeline going on helter-skelter on some dishcloth cotton that fell out of my grocery bag. Good girl. We only use that crap for potholders anyway. (nothing against it, I just can't convince myself to make anything other than a potholder out of it- too hard on my hands)


susan said...

We are excited too!
I already have several customers registered and more who say they will be, including me!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous knitting!

Try to have some fun down in Florida!